BigBlueSoapbox.jpg Public Speaking 2.0 – Sign up for Classes

Public Speaking 2.0 – Sign up for Classes

What if you could bring your passion and your professionalism to every business opportunity you have? And what if you could find those opportunities before your competition does, and then make an impression that leaves the others on the outside looking in.

Public Speaking 2.0 helps you discover and connect with your target audiences, find your unique voice and speak in a way the whole world can hear — both in person and through social media.

WARNING — If you want your life to stay exactly as it is — DON’T TAKE THIS CLASS!!

But if you want to start down a path that unfolds word by word as you speak and that takes you to a new and powerful place, then you should!

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Here’s game plan.

First Class – Introduction and discussion: What is the greatest secret of effective communications? Can you be riveting? What does social media have to do with public speaking? [Hint: Speak in a way the whole world can hear!] Learning to really listen to the people you want to reach — in person and online. Developing individual goals for participants.

Second Class – Public Speaking:  Students present, are videotaped, and work on their own five minute introductions. In the process you will find and learn to tell your business story.

Third Class – Social Media Strategy: Create your internet marketing strategy and learn how to tell your most compelling story–over time–on multiple channels. You will find your voice and learn to build a community around your business.

Fourth Class – Final presentations: Giving voice to your emerging value proposition — presentations, individual help, strategy, and storytelling.

Cost: $200 for all four sessions

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About Me

David Purdy brings more than 20 years of experience and a diverse education in business and the arts plus a life-long love of technology to help people communicate effectively. During his multifaceted career Mr. Purdy has been a classical singer, financial analyst, planner, manager, communicator, classically-trained actor, consultant and professor. In addition to BBSB, he teaches international executive MBA students through the Mountbatten Institute. His experience comes from a broad range of industries, including: public and investor relations, financial services, telecommunications, biotech, consumer and enterprise software, publishing and private equity. Employers and clients have included RudinFinn Public Relations, Sprint, Verizon, Zurich Financial, Computron Software, and Fannie Mae. He has an MBA in finance from the University of Maryland, three years of classical acting training at Studio Theatre Conservatory and an education degree (in music) from Temple University.