BigBlueSoapbox.jpg March 2010 Public Speaking Class

March 2010 Public Speaking Class

I want to thank everyone for Tuesday night’s class. I’m amazed that you all paid such excellent attention given the day many of you had! Here’s the link to the video of the lecture. The evening’s slides are below.

Be sure to sign up for your practice sessions next week. Ask Jasmine at the Mountbatten office if you missed the emailed instructions.

The Assignment:
Prepare a speech that is no more than six minutes long on a topic that you want to share. (It can be shorter — just not too much!) Make sure to give it a clear beginning, middle and end, and keep your audience in mind. Ask yourself how you can connect with all of them — not just the audience members who already share your interest. And don’t just give us the facts. A list of facts can be a stone cold bore. Tell the audience about your experience or point of view or, best of all, your story as it illustrates your topic.

Avoid the following topics:

  • Mountbatten
  • Chocolate
  • Alcohol
  • Football (unless you can figure out a way to reach everyone in the room)
  • My trip to X (ditto)

For extra credit: watch the video below of a truly excellent speech by Daniel Pink and leave a comment. I think it’s beautifully delivered and makes a profound point.

The video tape of my lecture will appear on this page by close of business Friday, March 26th.

BTW – Here’s a cool tool to put together your elevator pitch. Try it out!

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